Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Grand Open, J & M Ristorante!

Dinner at J & M Ristorante on October 10.

We invited 3 people and had dinner with pairing wine. We drank too much but it went great, I think. Hopefully we can do this once in a month with different guests.

Starter: Snooty Olive & Cheese with Champagne

Appetizer: Crunch Onion Halos & Mushrooms with Champagne/White Wine

Salad: Kale Meets Fig and Quinoa with White Wine/Red Wine

Pasta: Linguine Marinara al J/M with Red Wine 

Cleanser: Mango Sherbet

Entree: Beef Shank Red Bath Bitch-Slap with Red Wine

Here are bottles we conquered! ha!

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