Wednesday, December 2, 2015

D-Ramen at the Vandal

Dinner at the Vandal on December 1.

Traditional Japanese Ramen (Tonkotsu and Miso) was served by D-Ramen at the Vandal. It went nuts. It was announced to be open 6pm to 12am, but they ran out noodle before 10pm. I waited for 1 hour and I finally had my Ramen at 8:30pm. They already ran out Tonkotsu, so I had Miso Ramen. It was good, but I wouldn't spent $15 for it. I understand Ramen is foreign meal and can be expensive. I guess I just have to cook at home. 

Miso Ramen (It's said for Vegetarian. I just wonder about the broth ...)

J needed protein. So I made him a small potion of Unagi with rice. BTW those unagi was from Japan. It was very tasty.

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