Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Revel and Roost

Tuesday, January 24
I still don't feel great. But I went to see Hedwig and the angry inch. It was so good. I always love the show. We tried make a reservation for a restaurant close to the theater, all popular places were already booked. So we tried Revel and Roost. It was happy hour. Half price for draft beer and $5 for house wine. Food was good too.

Dinner at Revel and Roost
Curried Cauliflower: I liked it! Very thick and the hint of curry flavor works well.

Shrimp + Lobster Gumbo: This is J's. I tried some. It was good but I like the Cauliflower one better.

Winter Harvest Salad

Shrim + Grits: It was a bit salty for me but some of friends also ordered and they liked it a lot. Maybe I would like to try it again.

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