Monday, September 30, 2013

Red Skin Potato with Bacon

1. Wash potatoes and cut
2. Cut onion and bacon thinly
3. Put potatoes in microwave for 5 mins
4. Stir-fry bacon and onion with olive oil
5. Add potatoes in #4
6. Add some salt if you need
7. Sprinkle parsley

Baked Salmon and red skin potatoes

Dinner on September 29.
I bought tons of red skin potatoes. I don't eat potatoes often (except chips), so I had to think how to cook them. Then I just picked easy one, and it tasted good.
Romaine Lettuce Salad - My favorite salad at home. easy and looks nice.

Red Skin Potatoes with Bacon
Baked Salmon

Chicken and Chick Peas

Dinner on someday last week.
I had forgotten to update someday's dinner. It has can of tomato, green pepper, carrot, onion, chick pea, potato and chicken. Sprinkle cheese on them and throw i

Quiche from La Gourmadine

Lunch on September 29.
I got into La Gourmadine a lot. I go there almost every week. And surprisingly, I buy pastries! I tried quiche this time, but it was ok. I guess I am not a big fan of goat cheese. Maybe I can try different flavor next time.
Vegetarienne (goat cheese and spinach)
Délice de Pistache

Tarte Pistache-Cerises

La Gourmandine

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Stir-fry Veggies Ramen

Breakfast on September 30.
I added Stir-fry eggs and veggies on ramen. Too big for breakfast?

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Thai Food at home

Dinner on September 28.
I still have some coconuts milk, so I decided to make Thai food. I got Lemongrass and Cilantro. I know some people doesn't like Cilantro, but I like it! I will have lots left. I have to check recipes to finish cilantros.
Spring Roll  

Tom Kha Soup - Yes, I finished the coconuts milk.

Pad Thai

Today's Red Wine - Brazin, zinfandell

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fish Curry

Dinner on September 25.
My first Indian Curry. I used a kit so it was easy and good. I still have coconuts milk. What am I gonna make with it?


Dinner on September 24.
Jjigae! I don't know what kind. It has tofu, pork meatball, kimch and ramen. It was really good! My friend invited me for monday lunch at Korea garden, but I couldn't go. It made me very hungry for korean food. So now I am happy, but definitery I wanna go to Korea Garden someday soon!

Chipotle in Napa

My first Chipotle.
It doesn't need to be in San Francisco. Anyway I liked it too. I am glad that we have Chipotle everywhere. lol


My first IN-N-OUT burger. I liked it. I always like to have lettuce and tomato in my hamburger. I wish I had in-n-out in Pittsburgh.

Golden Gate Bridge

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

China town in San Francisco

This is one of my main event this trip. To visit China Town in San Francisco!

Pork Bun - to be honest, one sold at convenience store in Japan was better.

Chicken Congee - I loved it.

Tommy's Joynt

I went to San Francisco! I just stayed for a day, so I didn't see much. But I went to an awesome pub. I didn't take a photo of food but I loved the atomosphere and the food was good. I publish this to remember this place. Def, I wanna come back.

Tommy's Joynt

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Dinner on September 15.
I made something good with Crab Bisque. Crab bisque is French, right? So I tried to turn to French cuisine....
Romain lettuce Salad with wasabi dressing - oops, wasabi is Japanese!

Crab Bisque - Soup, but it is main dish for me :)
Potato Croquette

Grilled King Mackerel with Lemon Musterd Sauce

Monday, September 16, 2013

Spring Roll

Dinner on September 14.
Chinese dinner. I made Spring rolls. It was very good. I should make it more often!

Shitake Mashroom Soup

Spring Rolls - It has green pepper, carrot, onion and shitake mashroom. yummy!

Chicken Chili Sauce

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pastries from La Gourmandine

Lunch on September 14.
Again, La Gourmandine's Sandwich. Yes! I had been hungry for it all this week. The croissant was also good, cruncy and puffy. pefect!
I don't care about sweets much, but I tried some today. I picked Tarte au Citron and Tarte aux Framboises. They are good! I think I will try more next time!
Le Montagnard, Croissant and Chouquettes (clockwise)

Tarte au Citron (lemon cake) 

Tarte aux Framboises
La Gourmandine Bakery

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Dinner at Tessaro's on September 13.
I went to Tessaro's known as good hamburgers.
... it was good. My hamburger was cooked well. But idk, it's just ok for me. I guess I expected too much? I need some seasoning on my meat.
I like the atomosphere a lot. The bardender lady was awesome. The hostess makes me feel very welcome.
Bell's Two Hearted

Seafood Chowder - I liked it! I liked it better than my hamburger. :p

Barbeque Burger - wow, it's been a while to have classic coleslaw. It's good.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Stuffed Green Pepper

Dinner on September 12.
I got tons of green pepper and I decided to make stuffed green peppers. As I added some vegetables; carrots, onions, cones and eggplants, ground beef for only one hamburger was good enought to make 6 of stuffled peppers. I should have seasoned a bit more, but green pepper was very jucy and tasted good. 


Lunch at Tartine on September 12.
I have been hungry for good sandwich since last sunday. I heard a good reputation from my co-workers about  a French Cafe in west end and I tried it today. Croque Monsieur looked good, but I was hungry for bugguate and ordered Pand Bagnat de Paule. It was really good. I picked salad on the side and I loved the dressing. But still I like La Gourmandine's sandwiches better. Still I difinetely come back here, Tartine.


Kiriboshi-Daikon Donburi

Breakfast on September 12.
I was very hungry when I woke up. So I made Donburi (rice dish) with leftover from last night.
This is the leftover. I added an egg and cooked, and put them on the rice.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sawara Shio-Yaki

Dinner on September 11.
It's very Japanese. Sawara Shio-yaki, Spinach, Radish and Rice.

Sawara Shio-Yaki : Grilled King Mackerel

Kiriboshi Daikon : Daikon Radish

Horensou Oshitashi : Spinach Salad

Monday, September 9, 2013

Steak with Ponzu Sauce

Dinner on September 10.
I love Ponzu. Did you know that it goes good with steak? Today I had sliced onion and grean onion for topping. Teriyaki Sauce is popular as Japanese style, but I like ponzu flavor more!


Steamed Califlower with Sesami Mayo Dressing

Mashroom Rice