Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pizza from freezer

As I said a few days ago, there's nothing in the fridge. Here it is, this is what frozen pizza is for. No veggies tonight.
Yes, I use knife and fork for pizza.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tomato Sauce Chicken

Dinner on Jan. 29. Something easy to cook. Stir-fry veggeis and chicken, add tomato sauce and simmer. I had carrrot, cabbage and greanbeans. I run out onions. not only onions, I don't have enough vegetable in the fridge. It is only Tuesday! Should I go to grocery store or can I wait till this weekend? What can I make rest of this week?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Dinner on Jan. 28

Dinner on Jan. 28. Grilled Salmon, Glass Noodle Salad, Cooked Japanese Pumpkin, Cabbage Miso-soup, Rice 

China Star

Lunch at China Star on Jan. 28. It was warm today, but we had cold days last week. So I was hungry for nice and warm soup. Then I picked China Star. Thay have special menu for Chinese New Years. I had winter melon with clam soup and some appetizer. Of course, main dish for me is pork belly.
Appetizer : Black Fungus - It's a cold dish. I like the texture, soft but crunchy.
Spicy Wonton
My Collagen, Pork Belly with Chestnuts
Today's Fortune Cookie : Never doubt logical things .... in bed! Yes, you are right! lol
China Star

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bigham Tavern

Dinner at Bigham Tavern on Jan. 27.
Tickled Pickles : hand cut pickle slices deep fried / bacon / southwest aioli - I like fried pickles and this one was really good! Definetely I will order this again. 
Greek Quesadilla : feta / artichoke / kalamata olive / mixed greens / tomato / green pepper / house made greek dressing - It was good, but I prefer just regular cheese quesadilla.
Bigham Tavern

Angkor to go

Lunch on Jan. 26. I ordered Pad Thai to go from Angkor. It came with soup and spring roll. Pad Thai and spring roll is just ok, but pad thai was huge portion. I couldn't even finish half of that. I had choice for soup, wonton or lemon grass, and I picked lemon grass soup. I liked it. It had mushrooms and tomatoes. It tasted like spicy sour.
Angkor Restaurant
2350 Noblestown Road
Pittsburgh PA 15205
(412) 928-8424

Friday, January 25, 2013

Gyoza Lunch

Lunch on Jan. 25. I don't usually cook much for lunch, it would be just an easy one plate dish or leftovers. I was going to go out this afternoon but it was snowing so bad. So I decided to stay home and make lunch. Still easy one though. I like pan fried gyoza, but I just put them in the soup and boiled, then less dirty dishes. I am full, now what am I gonna do? take a nap?
Gyoza has garlic chive, ground pork and cabbage.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spicy Soup

Soup for dinner on Jan. 24. We have had freakin' cold days, so def I wanted to have soup. This is pork meatball spicy soup. I added a rice cake. yummy!

Japanese Curry

Breakfast on Jan. 23. It is leftover from last night. I added glass noodle in the chicken soup and put vegetable stir-fry on it.
Japanese Curry for dinner on the same day. It has ground meat, onion, carrot, pumpkin and carrot. It was the first time to have cabbage for curry, but it worked!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ginger Chicken Soup and Vegetable Stir-fry

Dinner on Jan. 22. It was so cold today, so I definetely wanted have soup. I added ginger in soup and it helps to keep me warm. I was going to make spring roll but I ran out wrapping sheet(?) of spring rolls. So I just made Stir-fry. a lot easier.

Glass Noodle Soup with Kimchi

Breakfast on Jan. 22. It was very cold this morning. Soup is perfect for such a cold day. I added kimchi and it got even better!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Cabbage and Carrot Oshitashi

Cabbage and Carrot Oshitashi : Japanese Coleslaw
Cut cabbage and carrot and spread on the plate. Put it in the microwave for 2 mins.
Add sesami seeds and soysauce and mix.
Bon Appetit.

Saba Shio Yaki

Dinner on Jan. 21. I like Saba(Mackerel). It is good to cook with miso paste, but I like grilled saba the best. It's simple. I should have it more often. As the main dish was Saba, I made Japanese meal. It's always nice to have my food, Japanese! 
Saba Shio Yaki : Grilled Mackerel - oops, it's burned. Served with soy sauce.
Kabocha no Nimono : Japanese Pumpkin - I cooked with some pieces of tofu this time.
Cabbage and Carrot Oshitashi : Japanese Coleslaw - I used Ponzu sauce and sesami seeds for dressing.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Okonomiyaki for dinner on Jan. 20.
Appetizer : (clockwise from top) Wasabi Peas Snack, Fried Potato Ball, Shrimp Cocktail
Fried Potato Ball : It's made from mash potatoes with cheese
Okonomiyaki : I know, I ran out bonito flake and Aonori(seaweed powder). But it tasted good.

Tarako Spaghettie

Tarako Spaghetti (Spicy Cod Roe Pasta) for lunch on Jan. 20.

BBQ Chicken

Dinner on Jan. 19. Nothing Special. BBQ Chicken, Boiled Brussels Sprout and Mashed Potatoes. This mashed potatoes have only butter, salt and pepper. I ran out milk. I don't drink milk much, so most of the time, milk goes bad before I finish. It's a bit dry but not that bad.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lunch at Bigham Tavern

Lunch at Bigham Tavern on Jan. 19. I went to Power Yoga today. It was great. and after the yoga, I was hungry for Salad. I usually don't have vegetable for salad at home, so I went to Bigham Tavern and ordered Harvest Salad. I didn't take a picture, but of course! I had beer!
Harvest Salad : mixed greens / dried cranberry / dried white raisins / almonds / roasted red pepper / crumbled bleu cheese with House Vinaigrette Dressing - This salad is very flavorful and the bleu cheese gives good saltiness. I had dressing on it, but it would have been good without dressing. 
Bigham Tavern

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pho at Tram's Kitchen

Lunch at Tram's Kitchen on Jan. 16. I like Tram's. It's simple and tasty. The funny thing is that it tastes different everytime. One time soup was a bit salty, but today it was perfect. Either way tastes good anyway. Oh, I just found another vietnamese restaurant, pho minh. I would like to try it when I get hungry for vietnamese next time. 
Egg roll
#15 Pho Hanoi Soup with Chicken
Topping for the soup : Than Basil and Bean Sprout

Tram's Kitchen
4050 Penn Avenue
(412) 682-2688
Chicken Pot-au-feu for dinner on Jan. 16.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Instant Curry

Lunch on Jan. 15.
Instant Curry. Easy one.
Ready to eat!
Dinner. I was going to have just fish for the main dish. But it didn't look enough, so I added hot dogs. The plate doesn't look. Well, it's better than being hungry after dinner, right?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Dinner on Jan. 14

Dinner on Jan. 14. Nothing special. I didn't have enough vegetables. It doesn't have on the picture, but I had spinach in miso-soup. I have to grocery store tomorrow.
Grilled Salmon
Dashimaki : Japanese Omlet
Takana gohan : Rice mixed with Japanese Pickles

Sunday Dinner

I got a gift basket from an uncle and I found a can of caviar! Relax Sunday, why don't we open sparkling wine?
Appetizer : caviar, sour cream, smoke salmon, cheese
Sparkling wine
Entree : 2 kinds of steak, brussels sprout, mashpotatoes
Red wine - hmmmm, it was too light for good steak.