Saturday, December 7, 2013

Nine on Nine

Dinner at Nine on Nine on December 6.
It had been more than a year since dining here and I missed the risotto. So I  decided to go back prior to a Friday show. I made a reservation and the staff asked me if I would go to a show after that. It was nice for them. When I got there, it looked not busy in spite of Friday evening. I guessed it's because of crappy weather. It was lucky for me because I didn't have plenty of time till the show.
However the service was slow. I had to ask my bill when my entree was served. I know it's not nice but I didn't want to late.
Ok, about meal. Long story, short, I won't come back. So disappointing. The rissoto was good, but it came without the shaved truffles that I had asked for. They were brought out in a ramekin after I had eating 1/3 of the dish. My entree, snapper, was mediocre or less. The cod plate my husband ordered was under cook. People working there seemed nice and friendly, but I couldn't enjoy the meal at all.I still like the risotto but I don't think I will be back.

Risotto (see? where is my black truffles?)

Red Snapper

Nine on Nine

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