Monday, October 27, 2014

Nicky's Thai Kitchen Downtown

Dinner at Nicky's Thai Downtown on October 25.

I had dinner at Nicky's before a musical show. I tried to make a reservation at some different restaurant, but it seemed too late. Everywhere was full booked. Fortunately I could squeeze in at Nicky's. I was happy that I didn't go to other restaurants. I have been to Nicky's in North Shore but it's first time here Downtown. I didn't know that Nicky's got alcohol license. I don't mind to bring my drink but its nice if I wanna go after work.

Vegetable 4 U - Appetizer combo (Fresh Spring Rolls,  Crispy Egg Rolls and Samosa)

Kao Soy - I loved it! It has noodle in curry soup.

Pumpkin custard with black rice - It's very rare for me but I ordered dessert. It was not very sweet. I enjoyed it.

Nicky's Thai Kitchen

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