Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sliders at OTB

Wednesday, March 8
I went to bike ride for International Women's day after work. It was a bit chilly and as I had 5 layers (lol), I could enjoy biking. It's been a while to be back on the bike. It reminded me how much I love to bike. Hopefully I can bike more often this year and I'd like to join pedal Pittsburgh.

Dinner at OTB
Slider Night Special!: There were 3 kinds, Wheelmill, Dirt Rug and Thick. I always order Thick but it's literally thick. So the slider was perfect size for me. I chose 2 Thicks and 1 Dirt Rug. I was not sure about peanuts butter on the burger but it was surprisingly good! The pickles worked really good too. I wanna come back for sliders night again. 

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