Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Soft Opening, Pints on Penn!

Dinner at Pints on Penn on September 1.

Grand opening is this weekend, but I saw people having drinks inside. So I walked in and tried their food. I liked their food. Hamburgers were huge. Hopefully they stays same size after the grand opening. The place is 2 stories and has a patio on the second floor. It's located on Penn Ave. and it is not as busy as Butler St. I guess it can be easier to find a parking spot.

Locally Raised Sweet & Spicy Extra Thick Bacon - I liked it. It's good for appetizer.

Fried Pickle Chips with Stout Mustard - I love fried pickles. But I won't order this again. The flavor of the pickles is not my favorite. Stout mustard sauce was delicious.

Hamburger - It was tasty. If it has a bit more salt on the burger, it would be perfect. French fries? It was awesome!

Pints on Penn

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