Sunday, October 20, 2013


Dinner at Sausalido on October 19.
It was first time for me to go to Sausalido. It was before 6pm and already half tables were filled, and it seemed like rest of tables were reserved.
I ordered mussels which was my server's recommandation. It was really good. It was cooked with ham but the flavor didn't kill mussels. It made a good harmony. I brought red wine (yes, this restaurant is BYOB) and it went good with this meal. For entre, we got pork roast and crab cakes. The pork was juicy and the pear on the pork worked very well. Mashpotato was also good. Unfortunately crab cakes were mediocre. A bit salty. But resotto was cooked good as al dente.
Sausalido is becoming one of my favorite restaurants. Food is good and BYOB is big. The corkage fee is $2 per person. I am glad that I tried this restaurant.

Pork roast

Crab cakes


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